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Quintessentially, Madden Mobile is the systemized version or synthetic rendition of the Madden Ultimate team, which features stuff like cards and availability of players. My take was players participating in live events to earn the rewards for further earning coins and card packs were really interesting.  Having played this for quite some time now, I discerned that it’s a great game to play and it caters to all and sundry. I would rather opt for accessing it off the safari.  For the fans of EPL, Serie A and Spanish League, this Madden NFL, which is the first of its kind on mobile? I got to collect legendary and current NFL starts before putting them into thick action on my favorite NFL squad.

For day 1, the game play appeared to be addictive and simple, the player collection and leveling system is complex and deep, and the game is a lot of fun to play. Though the graphics might be an eyesore for some, I still found to be pretty good. For many connoisseurs of mobile games playing Madden Mobile, it has a tinge of professional football.  For a moment, I thought that EA sports have eventually discovered the secret passage of treading the line between pay-to-win and free-to-play. Simply put, the blokes finally figured things out.

Another year brings yet another score for Madden Mobile. The viability of this game will largely depend on individual opinions, energy timers and free-to-play timers. Whether or not it comes out as a fumble, the viability will largely depend on these factors. For me, it’s glaringly less restrictive as compared to last year’s offering. It kicks off right and in the perfect direction. After playing through some of the game’s leading tutorials and things like madden mobile hack, I could play for free on all the modes that are on offer. It includes live events, head to head tussles and season.

The thing that really got me in Madden Mobile was that the season pits players against specific squads in a set order. I found that live events entail special scenarios in certain time limits. You can play for additional rewards here while the head-to-head format pits you against different other players. The matches here are asynchronous. This was a very interesting thing for me. Equally interesting is Head-to-head. I like the fact that it doesn’t necessitate two players to block all things and concentrate on their respective games for a stretched duration of time.

However, having to depend on a host of other players for actually playing can seem to be a bit sullen at times. The more I played Madden Mobile, the more I discovered the dynamics of its in-app purchase and subsequent economy. It revolves around and relies solely on Madden cash. You can purchase it in many increments and can further use them to purchase bundles of player cards and other stuff. I liked the fact that most packs could be bought using these coins that you earn from routine, regular play. However, the gold value pack is one that guarantees to hold 10 gold cards. You can buy it with only madden cash. In a nutshell, this game is a good time-pass with occasional bouts of glory and exultation.

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